Teacher Training at USC

Latin for Humans: A Multimodal Path to

Latin Proficiency with Justin Slocum Bailey


A two-day workshop at the University of Southern California

April 5 & 6, 2019 

**Please note that this event has been canceled** 


How can we create environments and implement practices maximally suited to helping learners become comfortable, skilled, joyful Latin readers? Join Justin Slocum Bailey to explore this question and experience an array of research-informed, classroom-tested tasks and techniques that build Latin literacy from day one.

About Justin

A veteran Latin teacher raised in Vienna, Austria, Justin Slocum Bailey trains teachers and designs programs for schools, districts, universities, publishers, and non-profits worldwide, with characteristic kindness, humor, and outside-the-box thinking. He operates indwellinglanguage.com, a collection of resources and habits for boosting joy and success in language learning and teaching, with over 50,000 users from 172 countries. Justin has published several articles on language pedagogy and contributed to commercial materials for both modern and classical languages, but especially enjoys supporting eager Latinists through endeavors such as the Latin Listening Project, the Quomodo Dicitur? podcast, and LIMEN: an online Latin teaching portal. Justin's effectiveness is summed up by language revitalization expert Evan Gardner: “If everyone taught language like Justin Slocum Bailey, we would have a world of self-directed polyglots."


This Active Latin training workshop will take place over two days. The session itself will run from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm on both days. On Friday 4/5 the workshop will be in KDC 235, and on Saturday 4/6 it will be in LVL 16. 

The Need for Teacher Training in Active Latin

Latin instructors at all levels have become increasingly convinced of the power of language teaching and learning practices informed by research in applied linguistics--witness the booming of online support groups for teachers implementing such practices and the increasing percentage of job postings for Latin teachers that emphasize active use of the language. Many instructors, however, have not had the benefit of training in these practices, and training events can be hard to find. These workshops have been specifically developed to fill that gap.

CEUs and Certification

The Paideia Institute is a certified provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). All registered participants at active Latin training events earn CEUs. The specific number of CEUs awarded will depend on the length of the event. The Paideia Institute will also issue an Active Latin Certificate to all participants. This certification will document to potential employers of formal training in the active approach. 

Professional Development Grants

Participants are encouraged to apply for professional development grants in order to fund the cost of attending this teacher training session. Available grants include those offered by CAMWS and the National Latin Exam, among others.


The registration fee for this program is $150 and is due by April 1, 2019.