"I really enjoyed my Telepaideia course! I found the instructor to be friendly, knowledgable, and kind. I loved the readings she introduced and I admired the way she made sure to include all of the participants in the class discussions. Participation in this course led to a marked improvement in my confidence and abilities in spoken Latin."

Lily Hart 
Conversational Latin for Beginners


"I wish I would have found Paideia sooner! I kept up off and on reading Latin after college, but always wanted to re-engage more intensively with it. My work schedule meant going back to a college classroom to take a formal course would be impossible. I so enjoyed coming home and participating in my weekly Paideia course. The instructor was very helpful, and there was none of the pressure as with a formal college class, but still all of the comraderie of a small course. It was so enjoyable to dive into the text with my fellow classmate and the teacher together, exploring this ancient gem with good company."

Christopher Christian 
De Rerum Natura


"My experience studying Greek with the Paideia Institute (via Telepaideia) will surely be one of the highlights of my classical education.  Our charismatic and highly effective teacher inspired me each day to challenge myself, while guiding me and the diverse members of our class towards reading proficiency during our daily group sessions.  The sustained level of focus and hard work that the course required proved rewarding in so many ways, and I can honestly say that each day I experienced intellectual stimulation, fellowship with my classmates and teacher, and constant delight."

Diana Beste 
Intensive Greek


"The syllabus was well-organized and carefully designed, the readings were excellent, and the course sessions managed to cover much material in a short amount of time. We discussed many important issues in the teaching of Latin, and our instructor did a great job of connecting those to our own teaching careers. I feel that I learned almost as much from our 10 sessions as I did from some of my full-semester undergraduate courses, and would strongly recommend Telepaideia courses to anyone considering them."

Tim Lesinski 
De Institutione Puerorum