The "Rules" of Sexuality in Ancient Greek Art


Saturday, November 19th at noon EST

with Andrew Lear

The painted scenes on Athenian ceramic vessels include many involving sex and sexuality, which—whether naturalistic or not—corroborate, amplify, and refine our understanding of ancient Greek sexuality. In this lecture, Dr Lear will explain what the “rules” seem to have been for sexuality in ancient Greece, how different these are from modern Western views/practices, and how vase-painting informs us about this topic.

About our Speaker

Andrew Lear did his PhD in Classics at UCLA. While publishing widely on ancient Greek art, poetry, and sexuality, he taught at Pomona College and NYU. Since leaving academia, he has founded the world's first LGBTQ+ history and art tour company, Oscar Wilde Tours, and worked on a variety of TV and movie projects.



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