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Living Latin in Rome is an intensive Latin experience set in the city of Rome. Participants read selections of the most important texts from across the history of the Latin language, including the late antique, Patristic, medieval, Renaissance and modern periods. Each text selected is linked to an important physical monument or place in the city of Rome, which the program visits on scheduled weekly site visits. The program’s goal is to provide an intensive and continuous period of study of Latin while helping participants form strong emotional connections with Latin literature and culture.

Living Latin in Rome lasts for five weeks in June and early July. It has five different kinds of classes: classroom sessions in air-conditioned, wifi-enabled classrooms, informal conversational Latin sub arboribus, interactive visits to important historical and literary sites in Rome, lectures in English on different aspects of Latin and its literature, and weekend trips to important sites outside of Rome.


The Volunteers

Panayotes Dakouras

Head of Classics

Helena DiBiasie


Stayc Dubravac

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Chaerim Kim-Worthington

High School Student

Charles McNamara

Telepaideia Instructor, Assistant Instructor, LLiR

Owen Rapaport

Undergraduate (Classics)

Marco Romani Mistretta

Director of European Operations

Caleb Simone

Graduate student

Miklos Szebeni

Managing Director of Business Development

Leslie Wilson

Director of Education Services

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