Paideia Scholarships

The Paideia Institute offers a number of scholarship opportunities, from year-long opportunities studying in Europe to scholarships that enable students to attend our summer programs who might not be able to otherwise.


Paideia Rome Prize

Scholarship for High School Students


Rome Fellowship

Post-Graduate Year in Rome


Brightheart Fellowship

Artist in Residence Fellowship in Greece



Amy High Scholarship

Scholarship for Future Latin Teachers


Robert Germany Scholarship

Scholarship to Study in Greece


Reginald Foster Scholarship

Scholarships to Study with Paideia


How to Apply

The requirements for all scholarships are the same: applicants should fill out our online scholarship application form linked at the bottom of this page. Please do so by the application deadline of the program for which you are applying.

A letter of support from a teacher or colleague will be accepted, but is not required. Scholarships are awarded for academic merit and financial need. Please have these emailed to [email protected] by the above deadline.

Apply for Scholarship

Classical Tours Incentive Program

The Paideia Institute is committed to supporting the continuing education and enrichment of Latin and Greek teachers who take their students to Italy and Greece with Paideia Classical Tours.  Through the Classical Tours incentive program, teachers can earn full scholarships for themselves or their students to participate in Padieia's independent summer programs and in a number of programs and conferences offered by our partner organizations.

For more information, visit our Classical Tours Incentive Program webpage. 

External Scholarships

A number of national and regional classics organizations offer scholarships for students to pursue summer study in Rome and Greece. The following scholarships might be used to support participation in a Paideia Institute program. 

The New York Classical Club Rome/Athens Summer Scholarship provides scholarships of up to $3,000 towards the cost of a Paideia Institute Summer Program. All members of the New York Classical Club with one year of paid membership are eligible to apply.

The Eta Sigma Phi Bernice L. Fox Latin Teacher Training Scholarship provides awards of $750 to support a summer activity for teachers at the pre-collegiate level. Applicants must hold valid Eta Sigma Phi membership by the application deadline, have received a Bachelor's degree within the last ten years, and not currently hold a doctoral degree. 

The Classical Association of the Middle Weset and South Benario Award provides up to $3,000 for a summer travel program. Applicants must be members of CAMWS and either hold a teaching position in Greek or Latin at an elementary or secondary school within the CAMWS territory or a position in a degree-granting Classics graduate program within the CAMWS territory. 

The National Latin Exam Jane Harriman Hall Professional Development Scholarship provides support for the professional development activities for Latin teachers at the K-12 level. 

The National Latin Exam Christine Fernald Sleeper Educational Award provides up to $5,000 to support participation in an educational travel program.