Using Fables to Activate Latin

Allegra Forbes |

Erin McKenna Hanses Discusses the Ancient Art of Teaching via Fables

[This lecture was given at Living Latin in NYC in February 2018]



[Abstract: The use of fables to hone Latin skills was a tried and true part of the ancient educational tradition, as the rhetorician Quintilian attests. For students and speakers of all ages, the narration of fables can provide an important jumping off point for advancing one’s active Latin. The stories’ familiarity offers a solid foundation from which speakers can build confidence, at the same time helping both new and experienced speakers make themselves understood. This session is intended both for Latin teachers (of all levels) who would like an easy way to incorporate more active Latin in their classrooms, and for Latin speakers (of all levels) who are looking for ways to practice activating their Latin knowledge.]

 Erin McKenna teaching during Living Latin in Rome.Erin McKenna teaching during Living Latin in Rome.

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